Sanctioned Tractor & Truck Pulling

Full Pull Productions is the parent company of the Big Rigs Pulling Series. The name and title 'Big Rigs Pulling Series' is a certified trademark associated with modified semi truck pulling in the United States and can only be used at those pulling events that are specifically sanctioned by Full Pull Productions, Inc. The Big Rigs Series was the first semi truck motor sport series in the United States to enjoy their own private web site that is updated regularly for the many fans of the Big Rigs semi trucks.

The Big Rigs Pulling Series originated in 1989 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky when a group of semi truck owners met with Full Pull Productions to build a set of rules that would enable the start-up of a national series of events for modified semi trucks. The Series began with only five events in 1990 – the first year of competition.

Starting in 2006 the Big Rigs Series was revamped into a super-regional pulling series. The Big Rigs Pulling Series fell under the sanctioning blanket of the USA-EAST Sled Pulling body. This new sanctioning body is owned and operated by Full Pull Productions, Inc. as an “in house” entity for the production of tractor and truck pulling events.

In both 2006 and 2007 the Big Rigs Pulling Series became a truly international championship series as the modified semis traveled to Fergus, Ontario, Canada to be a part of the largest trucking show in North America – the Fergus Truck Show. The 2007 season also marked the origination of two ‘truck shows’ in the state of Pennsylvania (Butler Fair and Clearfield EXPO) where “show and shine” contests – drag racing and pulling were assembled into all-day programs.

Dick Bonner of Mantua, Ohio claimed the 2007 edition of the Big Rigs Pulling Series Championships with his Mack SuperLiner named, “Killer”. This awesome pulling powerhouse was built at Francis Engineering in Leroy, Ohio and features a twin turbo-charged 998 cubic inch V-8 Mack for power. Bonner captured both events in Canada in 2007 and also was victorious at the Big Rigs Series Finals held at the Bloomsburg Fair at the end of September.

This is the second straight year that an E-9 Mack emerged as the Big Rigs Champion as David Frantz pushed the Antrim Diesel prepared “Thunder Dog” to the top in 2006. And it marks a significant directional change in the sport after Cummins had grabbed the crown in each season from 2001 to 2005. It is also remarkable that there have been no back-to-back repeat champions in the past seven years.

The Big Rigs Pulling Series is the oldest series of events in the United States that is dedicated to the over-the-road semi trucks. Full Pull Productions, Inc. was incorporated in 1987 by Richard (Rick) Feicht and has become the largest producer and promoter of sanctioned tractor and truck pulling events in the eastern United States. Rick Feicht is the President and CEO of the corporation while Patty Feicht is the Secretary and Treasurer of Full Pull Productions, Inc. The Director of Operations is R.J. Feicht of St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania, who is also the son of the President/CEO. The offices of Full Pull Productions, Inc. are located in Jamestown in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. This location is only six miles east of the Ohio line and is about 50 miles south or Erie and 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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